BISS AM Ch LoneStar's Catch Me If You Can
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NEW!!!! BISS Am Ch LoneStar's Catch Me If You

Judge Lloyd Graser put her up in a very stiff breed-by class.
Thanks goes out to Lloyd Graser for the kind words after the

Katie went on to the next set of shows and won WB, BOW, BOS
for her first point under Judge Mrs. Fay Dorval Haupt.
The same day Katie's litter brother Tony, LoneStar Shone Bi
Dezign went WD for his first point.

Katie has out done herself again!!
We are very proud to announce that Katie and I went to the Ft
Bend Show 1/20-1/21.
Saturday she went WB/BW/BOB from the bred by class.
Sunday she went in and showed her stuff again and went WB/BW/
BOB over a very nice special,
again out of the bred by class.
Thanks goes out to Judge David Bolus and Larry Willeford for
seeing the beauty in our girl!!

UPDATE!!!  1/29/07
Shoreline Shetland Sheepdog Club Specialty 1/26/2007 Katie took
Best Puppy in Sweeps!
There were 17 puppies total entered.
Houston Shetland Sheepdog Club had their specialty the
fallowing day 1/27/2007. Entered in the 12-18 puppy class Katie
took a huge 4 pt Major (2 bitches shy of a 5pt mjr) under Breeder
Judge Judy Kelsey!  Then she went on to take Best of Winners!

UPDATE!!  2/26/07
Northeast Louisiana Shetland Sheepdog Club 2/25
Katie went WB/BW and BOB over 5 specials for a 5 pt major
(77dogs total) under Breeder Judge Harriet Smith! We can't thank
these judges enough for their time.

UPDATE!! 7-22-07
Galveston County Kennel Club Katie won the best bred by
competition and went on to win the best bred by herding group 2!!

Update 3/15/2009
Galveston County Kennel Club Katie won WB/BOW/BOS for her
13th point today under Judge Ralph (Sonny) Ambrosio.

Update 4/24/2009 Baytown Kennel Club Katie won WB/BOS under
Judge Lester Mapes for her 14th point. She also won Best in bred
by then went on to win bred by herding GROUP 1 under
JudgeTammy Johnston!!!

Update 4/26/2009 under Judge David Bolus Katie goes WB/BOS to
finish her Am Championship out of the Bred-by class!!!!

All shows are owner handled